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HUD Published Income Limits for Elkhart Indiana:
1 Person Household --- $28,000 
2 Person Household --- $32,000
3 Person Household --- $36,000
4 Person Household --- $39,950
5 Person Household --- $43,150
6 Person Household --- $46,350
7 Person Household --- $49,550
8 Person Household --- $52,750
Program Preferences:
Singles Preference: 

Single applicants who are elderly or disabled will be given priority over "other single" applicants regardless of preference status. "Other singles" denotes a one-person household in which the individual member is not elderly or disabled. Such applicants will be placed on the waiting list in accordance with any other preferences to which they are entitled, but they cannot be selected for assistance before any one-person elderly or disabled individual regardless of local preferences.

Family Status Preference:

A household that will consist of two or more persons, which include one or more dependent children, or a household which consists of two or more persons in which the head, co-head, or spouse is elderly or disabled.

Domestic Violence Preference:

Families who claim they are being, or have been, displaced due to domestic violence, qualify for this preference. Written verification is required from the police, a social service agency, court, a physician, and/or a public or private facility giving shelter and/or counseling to victims. Verification must be obtained (from a landlord or other approved source) that the abuser still resides in the unit.

Homeless Families Preference:

Families only from the City of Elkhart Homeless Shelter, Women's Shelter and referrals from Transitional Housing for the Homeless who have established residency in Elkhart for not less than six months qualify for this preference. Applicants must have resided in said shelter for not less than thirty days and have been a resident of Elkhart for not less than six months, or have been referred by the Transitional Housing Program. The family must show sufficient proof of homelessness. Written verification must be provided from the Shelter or Transitional Housing. Families will not qualify if they had adequate shelter previously, such as Public Housing, and moved out voluntarily. 

Veteran's Preference:

Families who are current members of the U.S. Armed Forces, veterans, or surviving spouses of veterans are eligible for this preference. Supporting documentation is required.

Residency Preference:

For families who live, work or have been hired to work in the jurisdiction of the Elkhart Housing Authority.

Housing Choice Voucher Eligibility

The HCV Waiting list is currently open.