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Comprehensive Improvements

The Comprehensive Improvements Department at Elkhart Housing Authority works hand and hand with every department at the Authority to insure a total team management approach to everything we do. In the performance of our duties, we have oversight of all communication equipment, management information systems, document management systems, software, and security alarm systems. The department oversees all online transmissions to HUD field offices and sites. Training is an important part of our management plan, and the department trains employees on the use of in house software and technology and the use of all MIS equipment. The department is on the cutting edge of the use of technology and the updates that are constantly needed. The department also gives guidance to the Executive Director for future technological purchases.

All modernization of existing housing stock is handled by the department as well. All aspects of Project Management is done by our staff. The Elkhart Housing Authority has an annual budget of $1,456,287 for modernization projects and uses these funds in a wise and timely manor to upgrade our housing stock. Compliance of HUD and local procurement policies are part of the department’s functions as well.

Contact administration is an area that is under the department’s control as well.  All contracts between the Authority and vendors, suppliers, contractors and services are administered through our department. Contact monitoring to insure fair and equable services is used. The authority is proud of our relationships with all of our vendors and suppliers and constantly strives to improve our commitments.

Insurance coverage’s for Property, Workman’s Comp, Error and Omissions and Auto are administered through the department. Negotiating with carriers has become top priority as premium costs continue to rise.

As a department with the name Comprehensive Improvements, you can see that the department is very busy and involved with a multitude of projects at any given time. Even though we are busy, we continue to try to put our personal touch to every project we are given. We are proud of what we do and are committed to providing the best support possible to other departments at `Housing Authority.


Director of Comprehensive Improvements

Erik Mathavan